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FAVORITE FRIENDSHIPS → Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe

“The girl could look pretty with a plastic bag over her head.” -Daniel Radcliffe (on Emma Watson)

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FAVORITE FRIENDSHIPS → Tom Felton and Rupert Grint

“No, not really, no…other than Rupert. Rupert’s a very good looking guy. And obviously, who doesn’t have a crush on Rupert?” -Tom Felton (when asked if he’s ever had a crush on a cast mate)

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Evanna makes Ben Lyons (from E!) try a vomit flavored Bertie Botts jelly bean

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"Yes, absolutely. When Rosie’s here, every day seems better…. I’m not an easy person to love. There are lots of times when I’m a very good boyfriend, but there are times when I’m useless. I mean, I’m a mess around the house. I talk nonstop. I become obsessed with things. This year it’s fantasy football, which means Rosie has to listen to me talking 24 hours a day about this team. ‘Should I take this player out, do you think, darling?’ And she listens to it, and she loves me for my oddness, my awkwardness, all of those things that I hate about myself. She finds them cute. I guess that’s love. I hated dating because I’m crap at it! With Rosie, I didn’t know what was appropriate, like on which date you’re supposed to try and kiss her. At the end of the second date I pulled a move out of the Bela Lugosi Book of Woo—I went to kiss Rosie and at the last minute lost my nerve and ended up kissing her neck, which is such a weirdly intimate place to kiss somebody on a second date. Afterward, I texted her, saying, ‘I’m sorry, what I just did probably seems very odd to you.’ Fortunately, she just found it really funny, so she kept coming back." — Daniel Radcliffe (via holymotherofrowling)

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Daniel Radcliffe for PARADE Magazine

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